BREAKING SOUNDS: Eat Skull Wild and Inside LP

posted Tuesday Jun 30th, 2009

As any band with such an awesome name can attest, it's always best to flatten the expectations of your core group of fans and to show how much talent lies behind the moniker. Nothing displays that power more than the mind-blowing follow-up album to last year's Sick to Death album by Eat Skull. With all of the worthy praise the band has received for their abstract pop tendencies up until now, just one quick sonic glimpse of the tracks within their epic second LP, Wild and Inside, and you'll quickly see how well these guys can spin puke into gold far more creatively than anyone would have imagined. The reality of it is, the infectious songs have always been lurking there with Eat Skull, but the nasty noise interwoven with their unadulterated pop innocence really shines on this new Siltbreeze LP, in ways that most weren't expecting -but wonderful nonetheless. Their ramshackle songwriting has often been somewhat challenging to the pedestrian listening public, and even with the squares out of the way and a solid reputation built up, they still retain their ability to dazzle the world with a sophomore album that's blindingly better then any of their previous efforts. Once you get your cranium embedded with hits like "Stick To the Formula," "Cooking a Way To Be Happy" and the knockout Fugs-style jam "Who's In Control" it's all a pleasure trip from here on out, and this is definitely one LP you won't be playing once and shelving away.

If you were scared by the scraggy production on the earlier recordings, you really owe it to yourself to check out Wild and Inside, as this latest album clearly shows an unbounded degree of true progress, yet never shies away from the scurrilous simplicity that has made them an underground household name you can trust. It's all here, from the uncharacteristically somber, western daze of "Surfing The Stairs" to the deranged and slobbery hardcore-tinged "Nuke Mecca," Eat Skull have delivered one hell of a second child, and it will lock their visceral grooves permanently into your corrupted cranium. As just one of two essential Siltbreeze long players released last month, be sure to pick up the primal and prerequisite debut Tyvek LP while you're at it, and revel in the virility of modern punk's most respectable ground breakers. Pick up the Eat Skull and Tyvek LPs HERE and get on with it.

check out a live video of Eat Skull performing at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto this past September, courtesy of dreamweaponfilm, right here: