BREAKING SOUNDS: The Dutchess And The Duke 7"

posted Friday Nov 2nd, 2007

When talking about the current state of American folk music, the conversation is usually delegated to whatever alt-country community-approved songwriter is now en vogue, or even some of the longer haired pseudo hippie indie rockers who play guitar sitting Indian-style wearing fuzzy sweaters and philosophizing about "whirled peas" at the local open-mic night. Well, thanks to the tenderness and audacity of the powers that be at Boom Boom Records, two of the Flying Dutchmen have regrouped with a brand new platform of sophistication, resulting in this week's Breaking Sounds feature, the debut 7" single by The Dutchess And The Duke. You may recall The Dutchess from the back of those Flying Dutchmen records wearing her irreplaceable 'Don't Fuck Wif The Dutchess' shirt, and the Duke is none other than Fe Fi Fo Fums frontman, Melvin Dundinkel himself. Joined by Donnie from Nice Smile, it's a shockingly simple and unpredictably (and well recorded) document of their adoration of all things lovely, yet executed with the conviction and genuine style of some of the best early 1960s teenage heartbreakers like Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Eric Burdon. Now you may be thinking to yourself, "what would cause such trash-minded individuals to take such an contrarian musical direction at this stage of the game?" and the answer isn't complacency or maturity by any means. It's not really about the softening of edges, but more about the changing of the seasons, and how clever people can actually develop their funny little talents in more than one direction, especially if they really are good at their craft. God damn if the results on this record aren't a true testament to that. Armed with only acoustic guitars, a tambourine, and delicate layers of heart-meltingly harmonized vocals, it only takes mere seconds of hearing these two songs before it absorbs all of your attention and your mind starts searching for that checkpoint of familiarity that sucks you in without mercy. It's not just an opinion folks, it's really just that good. If you thought the King Khan & BBQ Show had the potential to edge it's way into a far wider audience, then you won't be surprised when this gets just as many people going just as bonkers, although they may bring the turtlenecks and goatees out of retirement just as well. Check out the a-side, "Reservoir Park" and pick up one of the greatest 7" records of the year right HERE, and if you're lucky, you may still be able to get a silk screened edition before the supply runs out.