BREAKING SOUNDS: Der Submarine Racers - Space Burrito 7"

posted Friday Sep 28th, 2007

With the trash-rock aesthetic reaching it's peak of effectiveness in the late 90s, it's with great reluctance that the genre will ever cough up another stellar addition to its filthy annals, especially anyone from the already terribly trashy area of Los Angeles. So it is with much hesitance that the doors to the budget rock phenomenon are forced open just enough to allow Der Submarine Racers access to the 5 karat gold-plated kingdom previously held up by the likes of the Rip Offs, Mummies, Spoiled Brats and Supercharger. This debut 7" by Der Submarine Racers (the hilarious polar opposite of Chicago's Submarine Races) on the party-crashing Spin The Bottle label came waltzing through our stained-glass office doors with the cocksure confidence of Elka Zolot holding hands with Shane White, and within seconds of the title track's speaker-crunching racket soaking into our soft-boiled brains, we deducted that it's back-to-basics lo-fi scree drizzled over a glowing hot plate of noisy repetition that will suck you in faster than a South City streetwalker with a nervous tic. "Space Burrito" may be a metaphor that you're just not quite used to using yet, but once you incorporate it's mild retardation into your amateur comedy routine, it's all gravy from there. What exactly is a Space Burrito? It really doesn't matter unless it causes convulsions similar to Der Submarine Racers' shit-fi template of aural vomit, and after you hear it only once, just like "The Macarena" and "Pac -Man Fever" before it, the song will be stuck with you forever. As they wash away your sins with lavish layers of luxurious scuzz, Der Submarine Racers fill your head with visions of food-stained underwear tied around your head while trying to drive a car with a broken windshield in the rain, or more explicitly, the exuberant collision of fun and disaster. The b-side's "Skatebored" continues the tradition yet doesn't stick to your ribs the way "Space Burrito" does, but after that, what else could really matter? This is hopefully the first batch of lots more to come from these LA loozers, so don't dick around and pick up your copy right HERE.