BREAKING SOUNDS: Dead Hookers 'The Burial' LP

posted Friday Mar 2nd, 2007

Out of the left field of Wausau, Wisconsin, along the Wisconsin river, come Dead Hookers with their debut release on Deadbeat Records. This five piece combo of bucolic milk-fed warblers, smash any mislead preconception with their intensely unique sound. Coming from a new psychedelic bend that intersects at agitated clamor, metal righteousness, and unfolding crescendos, they drag the fuzz corpse through desolate ground. Going beyond throwing reverb over classic blues beats, Dead Hookers incorporate the same acidic mien as late 60s prog-rock, cut it up with serrated teeth leaving a skeleton barren of suet, and come out ahead with songs that amalgamate a huge bag of tricks. Going from tunes that slide through your rotten soul with quiet, building instrumentals that brilliantly never crest, to explosive and riotous intros that collapse to to the floor as if they were beaten dead. The Burial/The Rebirth immediately comes off as a conceptualized album that takes you through a journey of a twisted black magic nightmare. The album art work, courtesy of Mike Sniper, depicts sinister imagery on the front and back covers of The Burial and the Rebirth, respectively, and the tracks seem to be coordinated in a way as if to tell a tale, one that will reveal itself with each listen. An excellent first release, I can't wait to hear more. You can buy it directly from Deadbeat here.

Meanwhile, check out this video of them performing “Shake your Disease” at Big V's in St. Paul, Minnesota.