by Rawce
posted Wednesday Mar 16th, 2011

Dead Farmers produce an amorphous blob of 70’s leaning garage spew – fried guitar, garbage can drums, a surprisingly audible bass, and enough wah-wah ineptitude to know that these Aussies have their toes well sunk into the muck of rock n’ roll.

Despite the obvious good intentions, the eleven songs on Go Home (Final Album) – is the parenthetical second title a promise or an inside joke? – are entirely too singular in concept and sound to separate. Ranging the gamut from trashed-out Stooge-y bashing to less trashed-out Stooge-y bashing, I can imagine that this LP was written during one beer and Dust-Off-soaked weekend, committed to tape without much thought.

Unfortunately, this leaves the listener with little to discuss. Generic garage slam has never been much for kitchen party fodder (you know, the moment in the wee hours when all the dudes at the party are too drunk to hit on girls or do anything other than hover around the refrigerator and talk about incredibly important things like The Troggs and weird YouTube vids). And while these kids’ hearts are in the right place, Go Home is essentially a mediocre Bag o’ Hammers record with more of a purist slant. Slop, no pop, and even though it’s about 30 minutes long, it just doesn’t seem to stop. I get it. NEXT!

Pick up Dead Farmers Go Home (Final Album) LP right HERE or HERE

and check out a live clip of the band from Brisbane, courtesy of eternalsoundcheckk, right here: