BREAKING SOUNDS: Dead Clodettes 7"

posted Sunday Jan 6th, 2008

Just when you think it's safe to turn your attention away from the French Underground for one second, the continuously aggressive and tonally antagonistic Dead Clodettes break out with their first 7" single and put to rest the age-old sentiment that girl bands have to have a tender side to the music they create in order to make any real impression. Three girls who have more hate and struggle in their hearts rip through two uncomfortably irresistible numbers with the grace of a wild gazelle, and thick French accents that tear into your chest like a lawnmower. With a strong similarity to the Kleenex/Liliput, and Petticoats faction of fragmented female vocal aggravation, The Dead Clodettes from Nice, France are a blunt and unapologetic breath of fresh air, and this first single is the best way to split your mind wide open with the spontaneous soul and grime of their version of gut-level rock'n roll.

Gloriously untouched by the puke-covered hands of any studio 'specialists,' this is raw and pure musical hostility rarely seen anymore. Someone might even suggest that they practice a little more, but we wouldn't have it any other way. You can envision the dried blood around the pick guards on their guitars, and the shocks from the short-circuiting mics they're screaming through all adding to the barreling ugly punk noise that's put forth on this single on Trashmondian Records. Pick up a copy of the Dead Clodettes' debut single HERE and scratch your head in wonder of the influential and impressive glow of today's best unconstrained primitive music.

Check out the video for the A-side of the 7", "Flou" right here...