posted Tuesday Sep 9th, 2008

To be blindsided by a band of wild Puerto Ricans can sometimes be better than it sounds, and this week's Breaking Sounds feature holds the spotlight on the debut LP by Davila 666, one of the newest signings on In The Red Records. I'd also like to add that they are one of the best things to emerge out of Puerto Rico since those flags that everyone seems to love wave out of their car windows so much. What you get here is a full album of serious hits, completely sung in Spanish, that twists and turns with great rock'n'roll passion, hooks like you wouldn't believe, and intertwines styles that somehow all gel together into something incredibly moving. Don't think that it's a novelty El Vez-type chips & salsa band either, as Davila 666 migrates well beyond their territorial plane and creates a spectacularly well-rounded album full of memorable songs you'll have trouble shaking from your skull. Small shards of Jesus and Mary Chain, interspersed with flecks of Los Dug Dugs may be an odd conglomeration, but the way they pull virile hooks out from under old stacks of Spanish party records and spin them into their own gold is pure magic and you should expect nothing less than a minor frenzy over Davila 666 as soon as the record reaches store shelves. And it only takes one quick glance at the video clips of their live shows to see that they will soon be taking over the US with their irresistible style. Check out the clip below for the proof.

With a truckload of band members and a razor-sharp knack for writing extremely guttural catchy material, Davila 666 are that breath of fresh air from the Caribbean region that should hopefully pull back the curtains on a whole new scene of creative Puerto Rican punk/soul bands with an original angle for sloptastic music that carves out its own path and sends waves of excitement down your spine. Just as your blood starts to pump like crazy during their more throbbing, boisterous numbers like "Basura," they impressively tone it down with tracks like "Tu" that have such raw tenderness, you might just get carried away and lose all restraint. Although Summer is almost gone, you can squeeze the last bits of fun out of the season with Davila 666's debut LP, another quintessential modern album that your sad sack should not live without. Pick up the scorching LP right HERE, or through your fine mailorder spots like Floridas Dying and Goner.

Check out some insane Davila 666 footage below and pick up that damn record!