BREAKING SOUNDS: Chrome Reverse debut 7" EP

posted Friday Sep 18th, 2015

Now this is some grade-A Paris, France punk royalty right here for you. Chrome Reverse is a new band with a ripping debut 7" EP that hearkens back to the early 1990s via the 1950s with incredibly adept rock'n roll prowess and rabid vocals that instantly take you back to the halcyon days of The Trashwomen, Splash 4, and the No Talents. Maybe it's due to the fact that the raucous lead signer/guitarist is none other than Lili Zeller, from both of the latter bands mentioned, and it's always great to hear her infectious vocals, no matter what decade. But joining her on bass is none other than Iwan from the No Talents as well as Operation S, forging a dual-fronted treble attack like we haven't seen or heard in years.

Here at VoT, we truly miss the days of discovering new French bands on a weekly basis, (remember Phil Scrotum Productions?) as per everything the Glue-Wave washed ashore over ten years ago, so it's always great to hear new and exciting sounds from the always-reliable French Undreground, not to mention from two people so important in implementing it's sound. But don't look for drone-soaked synth sickness here with Chrome Reverse, these four cuts are pure, raw, Cramps-meets-Wanda Jackson-style rock'n roll, delivered with a crucial tightness and a manic intensity that just seems to evade most modern efforts. A refreshing blast of jittery guitar fluttering under those inimitable Lili Z vocals, it's just too hard to resist, so be sure to grab a copy of this smashing debut 7" EP. out now on Mag Wheels Records, wherever fine records are sold.

STREAM two tracks from the EP right here:

Check out a live video of "Tick Tock" right here: