BREAKING SOUNDS: Cheveu 'Clara Venus' 7"

posted Thursday Aug 17th, 2006

The French continue to assault our senses with more confusingly delightful platters like this. Cheveu's second 7" offering is just as clever and unique as their first, yet polarized in more of an android gone-nuts manner. A product of both SDZ and Royal Records, you get well-articulated tape loops, a great and obtuse driving rhythm, and sharp vocals overlapping in synch with paranoid machinery that just wants to feel pain and no remorse. Where their first single on S-S Records had a more easily digestible TRIO gone awry texture to it (get it too, it's a classic), this follow up is the equivalent of walking in on a virgin sacrifice with six transistor radios all turned up and tuned to different foreign radio stations. This disjointed abstract version of broken down rock'n roll is simply such a 'modern' sound, and it's bands like this who are truly breaking ground more than most people would care to believe. Cheveu have managed to forge the future within this little black record and it will be surprising if they don't go far. As we anxiously await their arrival in the US this fall, we can only keep playing their addictivly simple songs and scratching our heads as to how easy they make it all sound. Future primitivism at it's ripest and freshest state, and another reminder that the French are still kicking our asses.

Check out the A-side of this record, "Clara Venus" HERE and go nuts at their homepage HERE. And here's a taste of their live show from earlier this year...