posted Friday Oct 12th, 2007

If there's one pure force of undeniable musical pleasure jetting out of the soiled streets of Chicago in the last few years, it has got to be The Busy Signals. Five separate chambers of distinction with years of musical infatuation have formed such a tight machine that it's seams are now invisible, and the songs they stack together have layers of quality embedded inside that's sorely lacking in new music today. Touching on several overlooked styles that have only recently become appreciated, the Busy Signals are an unstoppable explosion of so many great nuances that it will literally make your head spin. With their instantly gratifying buzzing sound firmly rooted in original formula high-energy pop without a side of the feyness usually along for the ride, they have developed an incredible knack for weaving in bass lines and backup vocals that rekindle the magic created by first-wave Belgian punk bands right alongside the refreshing twists of primordial glam. This all comes together to concoct a blend of "real deal" punk so enthralling you'll be surprised at how bleak your outlook on life was before you were exposed to it, and you'll quickly realize how passable everything else seems to sound that came before it.

Just like their first two singles on Douche Master and Shit Sandwich, this album is packed with hits that stick on the first swing and you'll soon see how playing it only once is clearly not enough. To find a more reaffirming new record this year will be next to impossible, and this debut album on Dirtnap should exceed all expectations as to what pop music can be in the year 2007. The debut album comes out officially on Tuesday October 16th, so if you haven't already, download their hit "Plastic Girl" on the "MP3s" page HERE, and get yourself a copy HERE right now, or cry later.

check out a video clip of the Busy Signals from last week at the Note in Chicago performing a cut from the debut album, courtesy of untilzero, right here...