BREAKING SOUNDS: Brainbombs 'Singles Collection 2' CD

posted Friday May 11th, 2007

Unlike the warmth a summer afternoon promises, the sheer essence of evil that Sweden's most abominable Brainbombs conjure up is not what you'd want to expose yourself to, unless your nightmarish delusions aren't real enough already. Unparalleled dirges of distress and incredibly atrocious tones that beckon the inevitable apocalypse are their standard 'fare,' and there truly is no accurate phonetic description to their menacing and irrevokably wrong music. Forging their slagged trademark scuzz through the darkest corridors of the reprobate human mind's filthiest layers, they draw their otherworldly power and superior prowess from the depths of hell that even the most sadistic criminals evade. Starting up in the late 80s and lurking under the surface by minimally exposing themselves live on stage, their first singles collection was released on Load Records a few years back, and this CD-only collection recently unleashed on Pollymaggoo is the autopsy of what shards of virility were encapsulated onto 7" platters since the late 90s up to the present day. Like the mesmerizingly metronomic soundtrack to a Nazi Death Camp sprinkled with a little jazzy trumpet for 'atmosphere,' Brainbombs are what the United Nations should be worried about above all else, and that includes the current situation in Uganda. Including a member of longrunning Swedish hardcore legends Totalitar, there's poisonous fluids running in every direction the sound resonates in the deepest, most depraved corners of the mind, and without any antidote in sight. The excrutiatingly slow tempos nauseate so effectively that it's hard to breathe at times as they exhume corpses of forgotten grungy grooves so thick with effortless exasperation that a shower just won't clean off the density of ancient licentiousness, no matter how hard you scrub. It's safe to say that with this much aural animosity emanating from one central group of creative minds like the Brainbombs, it could open cold cases to crimes long thought hopeless and unsolvable. Their inimitably macabre imagery, carefully combined with slow-cooked death pop strides, and murderously remorseless lyrics are enough to keep them legendary in the wrong circles, and scary enough to make everyone around you think you're a creep. Pick up a copy of the Brainbombs singles compilation right HERE.

check out a video for Brainbombs' 'Taste And Power'