posted Friday Jul 7th, 2006

Coming out of left field is still hard to do, but Seattle's Blank Its did just that with their horrendously addictive debut 7" in 2004 and despite having one of the greatest unreleased demos of the year floating around, it took until just now to finally bring the album to fruition. Their second release was a split single with Columbus, Ohio's Feelers on Contaminated Records last year, which is still available HERE. Now, they've been out across the country, got completely drunk, played tons of shows and grabbed the ear of Empty Records and goddamn do they deserve it. Gnashing guitars and insectoidal vocals have never sounded so great together, and the thick-ass production may take you off-guard from your preconceived notions but this is real edge-pushing rock'n roll music in 2006 that actually sounds like it's captured the monotony and static blur of everyday life. Irregular drum beats along with abstract, yet perfectly timed bleats of chorus, and sure enough, you've got a primo primitive masterpiece. A more accessible A Frames? Was that just a Rob Vasquez-style guitar break? A threesome devoid of motivation? Either way, they need to take this great show out on the road more often, especially after their knockout display at the 2005 Horizontal Action Blackout. This album, recorded by Kurt Bloch at the famous Egg Studios is an ecstatic stab at the future of music, or is it the end of predictability? Their re-recorded versions of the single tracks don't sit well at first, but as part of the whole album, it really works and there's dynamite song writing between every riff, and scalp-scalding electric hymns screamed by broken robots with no reason to live. Check out some music HERE and there's no reason you shouldn't pick up their debut LP/CD HERE.