BREAKING SOUNDS: Blank Dogs 'Diana The Herald' 12" EP

posted Sunday Sep 2nd, 2007

For the quickly ascending "career" of the Blank Dogs, this 12" marks another ringer, and already their fourth release of 2007, clearly showing an impeccable work ethic with no signs of stopping. Each record sounding more unique and far out than the last, this brand new 12" EP on Sacred Bones shows the Blank Dogs evolving into a full-on goth-gone wrong killing machine, yet they don't need to get nasty. The effects the vocals reverberate through will cause instant nausea when exposed to the elderly and the weak, yet underneath lie those keenly disguised pop hooks that stick with you long after the record stops, especially on "She's Violent Tonight", which can be heard HERE. As their sound slightly changed after the HoZac single, and established itself in more of a melancholy drone on the Sweet Rot single, it all catches up on this 12" and the quality of the songs just keeps getting better, showing Mr. Blank Dog's tenacity is obviously running on all cylinders. If 'Death Pop' was ever really a term, the Blank Dogs now own it, yet their wrong wave wanderings can entertain fringe psych-heads just the same, hence their growing appeal across genre boundaries. In fact, that their debut full-length album is due out sometime in the next few months on the Troubleman Unlimited label doesn't even come as a shock, and it's just what happens when clever anonymity crossed with suspiciously great songs collide in an age of instant information gratification, full disclosure and voyeurism gone well beyond it's limits. The best part is, it still keeps everyone guessing and you know the Blank Dogs are always up to something new, so checking their progress is still easy, yet unravelling their compelling mystique isn't so much. Pull yourself together and get this new 12" while it's still available HERE, and continue to blow your mind right with the Blank Dogs humming in the background.

check out a video for "Leaving the Light On" from the new Sacred Bones 12" right here...