BREAKING SOUNDS:Black Lips/Dirtbombs

posted Friday Jun 2nd, 2006

The world’s most famous rock’n’roll nephew, Ben Blackwell released this already much desired split single with the Dirtbombs and the beloved Black Lips for their tour together this past spring on his own Cass label. Many missed their chance to pick one up because of the nondescript rubber-stamped cover and its ensconced placement on merch tables across the country. The Black Lips (who’ve come to be known affectionately as the “B’Lips) side is an extra track from the recording session for Let it Bloom titled “Make it.” It hits all the right joints as the B’Lips throw down their usual flower-punk slop that’s beautifully volatile, dangerous and fun all together. Pulling from the ingeniously simple songs that Chuck Berry gave us, and melding them into an updated stomp that makes you feel fuzzy about not having a job. On the flipside Mick Collins is still trying his best to shake the “garage” label he’s become cursed with over the past decade. And what better way to shake the greasy throngs of white belts is there than to cover one of the most un-hip bands the 80s gave us, The Eurythmics! In this live version of "Missionary Man" Mick, of course, pumps the soul into the bowels of this almost forgotten tune and revisits it in a way that is easy to forget David Stewarts poodle hair circa 1986.
You could've bought from Cass Records, but you're too late.
So, you'll probably have better luck on Ebay.