BREAKING SOUNDS: Black Bug 'Frozen Energy' 7"

posted Monday Jul 6th, 2015

Black Bug have crawled back into the light from their last outing, and with a brilliant iridescent spectrum of synth-laden unsettling noise, have now burst forth with a new 7" single on Avant! Records, which should fill up that little black hole in your chest quite perfectly. For a "band" that's been actively deconstructing synth punk for the last ten years, they show remarkable restraint in their ability to keep the quantity of releases on the low side, which is fine for a group that naturally emits such toxic malaise with such few strokes.

The A-side kicks off with "Frozen Energy" an instantly polarizing cut that quickly lowers the body temperature to sub-comfort levels, and immediately ushers in a frigid mood change, much like how a goldfish is kept in a climate-controlled bag prior to releasing it into the new water supply to prevent shock. It's just what you've been longing for in this sick world of sunshine and lollipops, a morbid din of irreversible sonic dissonance. The B-side "Push Me" doesn't do anything more to add to the good times, just more malevolent and sullen dynamics aimed at your brain's pleasure receptors, looking to shut down any semblance of health or growth, and only leaving a heavy stain of burnt electronics and infectious slime, how can you resist?

Pick up the new Black Bug 7" from your favorite record store or mailorder spot, or direct from Avant! right here, and STREAM both new tracks right here: