BREAKING SOUNDS:Ausmuteants Amusements LP

posted Thursday Mar 6th, 2014

Blasting forth from the subterranean muck and straight into your personal comfort zone, Ausmuteants are yet another remarkable Australian band that is going to take your miserable life and wring it's neck, much to your own delight. As far as pop nervousness goes, these guys have it in spades, and each song jitters perfectly from the dizzying highs, to the sobering lows, and who could forget the creamy middles? With their undeniably choptastic synth sound right up front and center, they instantly either attract or repel, and with their impeccable minimalism in the songwriting department, you will have little resistance to ushering them in as a high water mark in the currently swelling stew they're simmering in.

But don't fall for all the DEVO comparisons just yet, as Ausmuteants can swerve like the best of 'em, and still come out as true originals, and if you can avoid getting chills on "Hate This Town," then your black heart might just be on it's last legs. Yet their energy still prevails, as this tightly-wound rhythm swirls endlessly around the room, only to break for those perfectly-timed post punk grunts, you know the ones, and they always send everything over the edge, just like you want them to. And if you can't get your rocks off with "KIcked In The Head By A Horse," then you might need to go back to your mild salsa lifestyle. If there's still time, try and pick up the Ausmutetants 7" singles on Heinous Anus and Anti-Fade before they're long gone, and look for the US pressing of their debut LP (Aarght! in Australia) soon on Goner, PRE-ORDER HERE!

By all means, buy the LP direct from Aarght! Records HERE if you're in Australia.

check out the video for 'No Motivation" right here: