BREAKING SOUNDS:Angie Turning debut LP

posted Friday Feb 7th, 2014

If you've been paying any attention to the current wave of new Australian underground music that has been seeping out of the continent for the past decade, it will come as no surprise that we are witnessing a new awakening and a new era unfold right before our ears. And aside from the bigger-named acts such as Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Total Control, it's well worth your time and effort to dig into the deranged world of music swirling around Angie Bermuda, the femme tour de force responsible for the sickening underlying sounds behind such reputable bands as Circle Pit and Straight Arrows, her new supergroup Ruined Fortune, her project with Harriet Hudson, Southern Comfort, as well as her undeniable solo work, which shines like a glistening black diamond on this debut LP. Just as Kitchen's Floor output a few years ago was the first step in disillusioned dissolution, Turning is the logical next chapter in this invigorating downward spiral.

Under the moniker Angie, this album touches all the nerve endings dulled by your self-destructive lifestyle and reaches into the darkness to pull forth a bummer pop touchstone of unsettling proportions. It's got a certain heaviness that's only displaced by Angie's enchanting and gorgeously deadpan vocal style across all eight tracks, immediately ensnaring echoes of Xpressway's Sandra Bell, and the deep, dark well of infinite sadness and ultimately, a death-like peace. To refrain from the certain tar-sick feel of doom and overall grip of the end of your rope, which is woven deep into this collection of songs, the vocals carry your soul right into the rocks just as a siren would have hundred of years ago, and it's never felt like more of a relief. So cue up The River's Edge, mute the volume and crank up 'Turning' and set yourself adrift, and don't forget to pick up the debut LP out now on Easter Bilby/Rice is Nice at your favorite record store or mail order spot before it's too late.

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