posted Friday Aug 11th, 2006

Lets face it, there's only a couple of things that are going to survive the Apocalypse: cockroaches, maybe Little Richard's pencil mustache and keytars. The time has come to start taking keytars seriously. They made it though the ridiculousness of the 80s, they seemed to fall off the planet through the 90s, but now as the millennium clock has rolled around, they're back, and Terrior Bute, a Milwaukee three-piece, know this. With similar instrumentation and sound to the legendary LA outfit The Screamers, these teens bang out a sound that's intense, urgent and filled with a burnt-wire venom that is sure to fry the connectors in brains across the country. Their debut release, Return to the Astro Castle, features a photo of the band in a cardboard cut-out castle, poised with their Moog, keytar and primitive drum kit, each wearing very DEVO-ish jumpsuits with Tap Lights (the As Seen on TV product that put an end to dark closets everywhere) fastened to their chest. Their songs also have a very apparent DEVO angle to them lyrically, but with a vocal delivery that's more abrasive. With subject matter that deals, though not as comically as DEVO did, with the nihilistic anxiety of modern living, it comes out most notably in their songs “Suffice to Say” and “I'm a Manican.” You can pick up it up here.
Here's a video from a basement show.