Black Lips find Cheese, Sign to Vice!

Black Lips 2005 by Canderson
Black Lips 2005 by Canderson
posted Tuesday Jul 4th, 2006

The Black Lips have been evolving exponentially for the entire life of the band, and anyone who knows their head from their ass can tell you that the second you're distracted, they're off doing something new and different. We got a gut-wrenching report from Jared of the Black Lips recently with some of their current tour shenanigans, mostly centered around a sublime visit to "heaven on earth," the Italian island of Sardinia, where they finally completed their Indiana Jones-type quest to consume the oft-fabled 'maggot cheese.' The 57th day into their tour, and the end of their 8-day holiday on the island was jam-packed with beachfront shows, tennis courts, beautiful German girls, and a residence in a villa on the beach with a professional Italian chef, no less! OK, back to this cheese: it's apparently illegal and for good reason considering it's sensitive and ancient production technique... "They rip out the stomach of a living baby goat, nail it to a wall to fester and curdle, and then it's ready to eat. It's only produced in February for some reason, and that makes it very scarce and expensive. You gotta know a local..." So that's the secret to their success? It takes consuming real guts to come up with those chops, because they're clearly setting the standards. Their antics during a show headlining over British music press darlings the Babyshambles in Stockholm also made headlines recently. "In Stockholm, Babyshambles opened for us and Pete Doherty did "Freakout" and "Blue Suede Shoes" with us. Then he broke everything and Thomas Savage had to tackle him and force him out. It was on the front page of all the major Swedish newspapers and tabloids for two days!" No shit? Well, it's obvious that no cage can hold their seemingly endless creativity, and their magical European touring stories are always sparking wonder in the eyes of those living vicariously stateside. A few months back, some internet rumors were circulating regarding the possibility of a recording contract with the revered glossy magazine (and record label), Vice. Despite their beautifully conceived and warmly received epic album Let It Bloom on In The Red, it seemed like even that label's impressive cadre couldn't hold onto these unpredictable wild boys as they continued to take modern rock'n roll music to the farthest reaches of wanton primitivism, and never settling down in complacent comfort, even for a second. Now those rumors can be confirmed, and even though they have a staggering ENTIRE albums's worth of extra tracks from the Let It Bloom sessions (to be released on In The Red soon), their upcoming debut record for Vice is planned to be a live album recorded in Tijuana, how perfect! "We always liked the mag a lot, Vice rules and chicks really dig the mag..." Love it or hate it, Vice has always rubbed some people the wrong way, so you've stilll gotta commend the Black Lips for once again heading into uncharted territory.

Being on the road for such long periods of time would seem to wear anyone down quick, but their homesickness is easily cured by their energy and their valiant sense of adventure. "I miss fried chicken, collard greens, cornbread, humidity, my mammy, my dog, etc... but I never get homesick since I have no home. I love Europe and travelling, but being at home for more than two weeks makes me go insane. I have to be productive, or I freak out..." What a great thing to hear, and that can only mean more great music in the near future for all of us to anxiously become immersed in. Whatever these guys are doing, they are doing right, so sit tight and expect minds to be blown six ways from Sunday once these new recordings reach your impressionable ears. Here's a clip live from the beach in Italy, and check HERE for some tunes.

If this clip from a recent excursion to Africa says anything, these guys are miles ahead of the game. Cole solo project or not, this is will melt your brain...