Angry Samoans, JFA at the Knitting Factory in LA

JFA, photo by <a href=
JFA, photo by Mr. Z
posted Friday Feb 15th, 2008

During this abhorrent time of year when half of North American is imprisoned by the cold weather, mounting snow and lack of stuff worth leaving the house for, it can be pretty depressing. But for the rest of us that reside in parts of the country where snow is just something you see on the TV when you forget to pay the cable bill, it is hardly a hurdle. Thankfully during the weather-forced lull of the dead winter cities like Los Angles can keep the collective rock'n'roll yield from completely collapsing. Tonight, the fine citizens of LA have at their disposal an impressive line up feating two of the most influential underground rock bands of our time, Angry Samoans and JFA at the Knitting Factory.

Angry Samoans, for many, where the quintessential band that melded retardedly clever lyrics with brilliantly captivating hooks and left legions of fans helplessly humming songs like "They Saved Hitler's Cock" and "Tuna Taco" for decades. Now after 25 years since the release of their first album, their line-up has dwindled down to "Metal" Mike Saunders as the only remaining original member, but with such a classic repertoire of songs they are guaranteed to be a good time.

JFA (Jody Foster's Army), another classic punk act from the 80s are credited for giving birth to Skate Rock as a genre of music that celebrates the subculture of skateboarding. Taking their name from the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan by John Hinckley Jr. who was trying to impress Jody Foster. Playing such classic hits as "Beach Blanket Bong Out" and "Preppy," frontman Brian Brannon has easily the most recognizable, gruff voice of the genre.

Here's a video of Angry Samoans performing "Gas Chamber" and "Not Of This Earth."

And here's one of JFA performing "Lowrider" back in 1984.