5 SHOTS: OSCR FST 4/3/2010

Oscar and Personal, April 2010 photo by <a href=
Oscar and Personal, April 2010 photo by Canderson
posted Tuesday May 4th, 2010

That smiley-faced, flannel-wearing friend of yours and mine, Oscar Michel had quite a bash for his birthday at the beginning of April. And oh what a way to bring in Spring and celebrate the birth of our buddy. I wasn't able to stay for the whole show because we had friends in from across the pond who were having a party of their own later that eve, but the brief amount of time I was there was quite a blast. Got there just in time to see the peculiar art disco punk of Spurm from Seattle. Interesting stuff, the last song was just a strange free jam with the singer and a friend having a couples argument. Fucking strange stuff and unique none the less. Maybe disco punk meets The Mother's Of Invention? I don't know but I dug it.

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Next up was Spencey Dude and The Doodles who Oscar actually bangs the bass with. Quirky pop songs about not cheating and girls named Bonnie, partying, you know all the basics. Maybe a cross between the Dead Milkmen and that Buddy Holly song about Weezer, or is that the other way around? I don't remember. Catchy good time stuff.

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Next up were Personal and the Pizzas who brought massive amounts of delicious cheesy pizza goodness from Bay Area pie staple, Lane Splitter. They even had a very special one with candles for the O man. He blew 'em all out with one puff and probably got all his wishes to come true that night. One of those wishes must have been for Personal and the Pizzas to blow da roof off dat mutha! 'Cuz yeah, the did. Pizza flying and hungry mouths catching, party girls and boys falling all over the place, and couples lovingly choking each other out at the front of the crowd! Personal was even kind enough to give Oscar his very own chain for whippin' on turkeys! And then a bunch of other bands probably tore up the place all night long but that was all I got
to see. I made a video slide show of the shots I took put with the song "Pepperoni Eyes" by Personal and the Pizzas, check it out below.

Check out Spency Dude & the Doodles debut 7" on Rob's House Records, and don't miss the Personal & the Pizzas cassette Raw Pie out now on Burger!

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