5 SHOTS: Barcelona March 2010

Fuckin' Bollocks live March 2010 at the Sidecar in Barcelona Spain, photo by <a href=
Fuckin' Bollocks live March 2010 at the Sidecar in Barcelona Spain, photo by Canderson
posted Wednesday Apr 14th, 2010

Canderson's trip to Spain had us all drooling and jealous, so he recently sent over a 5 Shot feature on a night on the town in Barcelona, specifically March 1st, where he caught some bands sweating it out and letting it loose. So without further adieu....

Just back from two weeks in Spain. Unfortunately, only got to see one show while I was there, but the one I did see was a doozy. Up first were Los Cuernos who I unfortunately only caught the last song. Shame 'cuz it sounded quite good. Fuckin' Bollocks were a high energy hormone-ica driven whirlwind of garagey goodness. Check out my videos below to see and hear what I mean. Check out the their album on Daruma Records, too.

Apache Down

The secret band of the night was the Phantom Killers. A masked trio of dudes who played songs that sounded suspiciously like Black Lips songs. I could be wrong and speak zero Spanish, so I'm not certain. But check out the two videos I posted, and you tell me. Either way, they were still a damned good time.

Apache Down

Apache Down

Last up were England's Thee Vicars, who I'd seen in San Francisco with Sonic Chicken 4, a few months back. I thought they were pretty good then, but wasn't really blown away. Maybe there was magic in the Barcelona air that night, or just the great crowd and flowing Estrella Damm (my new favorite beer). Also, I don't think these chaps are of drinking age in the States, so maybe getting lubed up helps to get things going. Either way, they tore the place up and the crowd went mad. Think Neo-British invasion stomping with some of the fanciest footwork I've ever scene a guitarist do. I got so carried away shooting video and didn't shoot any stills, so the one you see posted here is a screen shot of a video grab. Plus there were about 5 other photographers too.

Apache Down

Many thanks to all the freaks at the Sidecar that night who made the night so glorious, and check out the videos below...

Fuckin' Bollocks:

Phantom Killers:

Thee Vicars: