posted Friday Jan 22nd, 2016

You have got to love what the Lord You Tube has giveneth us, and this example right here is like experiencing the moon landing firsthand. We've just uncovered a 9+ minute video clip of SUICIDE live in 1980, at the Hurrah Nightclub, filmed by Charles Libin & Paul Cameron that has to be seen, so drop what you're doing because there is just not enough live SUICIDE footage out there, and this is in deadly high quality. The stark black & white film provides the eerie contrast to perfection, straddling the sane world and the insane world with one fluttering whip of Alan Vega's eyelash, yes it's all here.

Both songs, "Sweetheart" and "Touch Me" are from often maligned second LP, mostly known as Alan Vega and Martin Rev, which captures the duo at a point where they were streamlining their sound into a decadent electronic fever dream, less torturous nihilism and more "Diamonds, Fur, Champagne" I guess you could say, and much more palatable for the masses as well. Yet SUICIDE has never strayed far away from the edge. You can see Vega boiling under his skin even during the tender lullabye-style "Sweetheart" and then when he calls the live audience up on stage during the second song, you get a accurate glimpse of that underworld element that you just can't even imagine.

So kick this into full-screen mode and thanks again to Charles Libin & Paul Cameron for filming this footage, hopefully there's much more to come.

And here's an alternate angle of the same show of "Cheree Cheree"