TV Ghost Exorcizes Columbus Friday with Daily Void

TV Ghost Live at Cal's Bar 2007 photo by <a href=
TV Ghost Live at Cal's Bar 2007 photo by Rob Karlic
posted Thursday Dec 6th, 2007

Friday night in Columbus, OH at Cafe Bourbon Street, don't miss another scalding display of sonic antagonism as Lafayette, Indiana's finest teenage terror troop, TV Ghost takes the reigns and steers you into a drifting and shapeless abyss of revitalizing and repetitive noise. With their debut single now long sold out and another 12" EP due out any second from Die Stasi Records, they are weaving a filthy web of calamity everywhere they go, and along with their high school vigor and restless anger deeply sewn at their roots, it's only mere moments before they are invading your private space and absorbing your precious vital fluids. Just as the Cramps hadn't yet been pigeonholed in their earliest mid-70s inception, TV Ghost retains the mystery and promise of the exposed tip of an unseen iceberg. As your eyes widen upon the revelation that there's no escaping it's life-crushing effects, they steadily emerge and back you into the corner of your inevitable demise, only to offer a tortuous serenade of inescapable blackness as their primal form of consolation. After backing up Pink Reason on their last tour with Little Claw and Guinea Worms this fall, TV Ghost are building their repertoire alongside some of the more notable new catastrophes on the touring circuit, and are certainly on the fast track to national notoriety, even if just by association. This week, they head out on a short jaunt through the Midwest supporting Chicago's corrosive and incorrigible pack of miscreants known as The Daily Void on a few dates, and drudging up the best muck and mayhem the Hoosier state can muster in these final days of the year 2007.

Opening up this cold and brazen night are Pittsburgh's brightest numbskulls The Burndowns, which features Steve from the Radio Beats (and 7inchSlam food/punk blog) and levels the pack with lightning-fast songs that hearken back to the golden age of Crypt Records, and the unembellished pleasures of Rust Belt livin'. It's safe to say that your case of shell-shock may still be in the cards if you truly have the balls to come out to Cafe Bourbon Street and be a witness to this wonderful musical mess.