Thee Makeout Party with Peachfuzz Thursday at The Echo

Thee Makeout Party Live In Brooklyn 2007 by <a href=
Thee Makeout Party Live In Brooklyn 2007 by Canderson
posted Tuesday May 8th, 2007

Thursday night in Los Angeles, clear your plate for another exciting night of uncut pop prowess sure to curl your toes and unleash butterfies in your intestines. The occaision is a record release celebration for local LA pop heads, Peachfuzz, who are releasing their newest platter on Teenacide Records this week. Despite being darlings of Little Steven's normally neutered string of recommended 'garage' bands, Peachfuzz have a straightforward pop vibe that recalls some of Redd Kross' Neurotica leanings on certain songs, and really has no 'garage' feel or sound, which is just fine with us. Starting off the evening is Sweet Evil, who are a dirty leather jacket-style band of dudes who obviously love their Alice Cooper, but somehow channel a more cock-rock sound, despite featuring Mark Starr who used to front the impressive Seattle band, The Gimmicks. Up next are The Rolling Blackouts, who had a pretty catchy single on Kapow! Records a few years back, but seem to have fallen back into the shadows in recent years. Regardless, the main reason you should be excited for this night is that you're gonna piss all over yourself to the nonstop feel good songs of Thee Makeout Party, and their growing cadre of bubblegum hits. If you haven't already checked out these guys, get right on it and start with "2 EZ 2 Luv U" and lock yourself into their sugar-cave of unmatched lo-energy sweetness and pop vulnerability only rivaled by The Fevers. The connection doesn't stop there, as Thee Makeout Party's newest record was coincidentally produced by Travis Ramin & Co, ensuring a fey, yet lofty sound and completely chest-pounding take on how great pop is made under the right circumstances. And just how fey you ask? Just think of the vocals on those early Shoes records as a starting point, and add a gummier sound, filled with luxuriously sugar layered backup vocals that flutter between soft pop psyche and cleverly artier directions altogether. Check out Thee Makeout Party's new 7" on Burger Productions which features "2 EZ 2 Luv U" along with "Hedberg Boogie" to ensure your inevitable summertime good mood will last the entire year, and pick up your copy right HERE, as this one's got 'classic' written all over it.

check out a video of Thee Makeout Party's "2 EZ 2 Luv U" right here...