SUNDAY MATINEE: 'Get Crazy' (1983)

Possibly the GREATEST Rock'n Roll movie of ALL TIME
Possibly the GREATEST Rock'n Roll movie of ALL TIME
posted Sunday Aug 10th, 2014

Welcome once again to the Sunday Matinee on VoT, and this week we are bringing you one of the brightest gems of American cinematic achievement during the punk era, and a film so chock full of great moments and good times you probably wouldn't even believe it exists. I mean, how many other movies star Lou Reed in a speaking role, creating a song on the spot and singing it throughout the whole film? And who knew The Doors' John Densmore was such a party animal? And the concept of the Reggie Wanker character is enough to make Hollywood hang it up instantly as well, yeah it's probably too much to handle.

I first stumbled upon this incredible film when it was revealed that the soundtrack contained a Ramones song, "Chop Suey" that the band never regained the rights to, therefore keeping it off any of the various compilations over the years, and probably the main reason the soundtrack is essential to Ramones collectors. Sparks also does the film's theme song and the fake-punk gem by Lori Eastside and Nada is also worth the price of admission, seriously this film just keeps on giving.

And the concept of the 'Electric Larry' character shouldn't be underestimated as well, because y'know the Butthole Surfers even swiped his namesake for their Electric Larryland LP, and Lee Ving from Fear's character 'Piggy' is top notch bonehead-punk genius that you'll enjoy watching for years to come.

Directed by the stellar Alan Arkush (Rock'n Roll High School, Caddyshack II), Get Crazy continues the use of Warhol Factory member Mary Woronov (Ms Togar in Rock'n Roll High School) as well as a cavalcade of guest star cameos from the likes of The Turtles' Flo & Eddie and Ed Begley Jr, and after just a few minutes in, you'll realize it's a nonstop ride through a rock'n roll fantasy that any sane person would instantly call their favorite film. So pop this full-screen and Get Crazy, it's your last chance to party this summer, and say goodbye to your brain!