Sneaky Pinks

Sneaky Pinks' Justin  photo by Karlic
Sneaky Pinks' Justin photo by Karlic
posted Wednesday May 17th, 2006

Just when musical competence has reached dangerous levels of accomplishment as evidenced by the current state of indie rock, we welcome with open arms, the Sneaky Pinks. Justin & Trent from Tuscon's favorite band, the Okmoniks decided to go back to their roots and strip themselves down to the bare skeleton of what music needs to sound like. Here's the hard part: Are they a band or a party? Can a band be a party? One listen and it should be painfully obvious that these guys are having more fun than you ever will, and hey! they actually just recorded it before they even got a chance to decide if it was cool or not. Wait, it's already mastered and pressed onto a record, too? Spontaneous music sometimes has a certain charm that's impossible to duplicate a second time, so for that alone they deserve your attention. With only a three-song (four if you count their 'theme') 7 inch record released on their own Rubber Vomit label late in 2005, they single-handedly managed to loosen the neckties and unbuckle the restricting waistband of the current state of rock'n roll music, and according to their press run, 300 people took notice. One of the songs "Kill Kill Kill" was even co-written by none other than Dr. Filth of Chicago's notorious Functional Blackouts back when Justin lived in the Chicago area years ago. Despite the efforts put forth by all the sophisticated sound laboratories that were content with their ground-breaking rock formulas and noisy aural configurations, somebody went ahead and had a jello-shot party in the studio and ruined everything. Or did they? Maybe they were the guys that tore down the rule sheets and wore the wrong t-shirts, I'm not sure. All I am sure about is that for the brief time you spend listening to their simple, catchy, and clever songs, all your troubles dissolve and fizz into a delightful trance of satisfaction. Songs that are this innocently frank and yet irresistibly infectious are the sign of a true breakdown of all the progression in modern music and a welcoming return to spontaneous fun that's sorely lacking in the 21st century. Have a listen and try your best not to sing along.
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