Nobunny, Romance Novels Bring Bubbles to the Midwest

Nobunny Live at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn 2007 by Canderson.
Nobunny Live at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn 2007 by Canderson.
posted Wednesday Apr 11th, 2007

Nobunny and Romance Novels are on the Midwestern stretch of their tour this week, making stops in Chicago Thursday and Milwaukee this Friday. The mysterious Tucson local, Nobunny, is certainly hitting a chord that's turning ears all over into fuzzy, pink, and protruding embarrassments. Although, he's been kicking around the sud bucket for longer that most realize, it's seems like only recently has he poked his rabbit head up for the rest to take notice. Like a pop machine spewing out a small rivulet of hits, he is not necessarily onto something completely new. Both GG Allin, and The Ramones were touching on the same fizzy button years ago, and the formula of bubblegum fuzz is one oldest socks in the sack, but either way it's good to see it's back. Nobunny's ability to deliver blithesome songs with a maddened and frothy smile is simply brilliant. His bouncy and rollicking style conjures images of dirty bubbles rising over a landscape of unkempt, and insanely catchy hooks that will have the stuffiest of the arm folding camp dancing and acting like idiots within the first couple of chords. Though his energy undoubtedly translates in his recordings (here), which as of yet, haven't found a label smart enough to get on board, but the live performance of this type of bedlam is what leaves the lasting impression.
Romance Novels, who are unquestionably cut from the same cloth as Nobunny, come with a canon of slightly less mirthful and delirious tunage as their tour mate. Their songs equate an undeniable whiff of reckless adolescence, bra-snapping pop and summertime chugging. With faraway vocals, stringy, optimistic guitar, these guys are as fun as a museum of whoopee cushions. Look out for their upcoming single on the (ah hem) already legendary HoZac records, and you can check out some of their tunes here. The Chicago show also features two unmissable supporting acts, The Bold Ones and The Yolks..

Check out below a video featuring Nobunny performing on the famed Chicago public access TV show, Chica-go-go from December 2005.