Daily Void And Frustrations at Permanent Records

Daily Void 2007 by <a href=
Daily Void 2007 by Rob Karlic
posted Thursday May 3rd, 2007

This Saturday, Chicago's newest home brewed record store, Permanent Records on Chicago Avenue, will be hosting another BYOB in-house showcase, this time featuring The Frustrations from Detroit and Chicago's Daily Void. Carved out of the belly of the late Functional Blackouts, Daily Void features ack, ob, om and the crown prince of noteworthy facial hair, ilth. The evident spill over of the later Blackouts sound seems to have come to a festering head with their latest venture with fervid, marching and snarling songs that plow over the cushy corners of “art rock” with a welcoming doom. With their debut record due out on HoZac Records in the near future, we can only hope that the cataclysmic moira they kick up will include a soundtrack. Also preforming are The Frustrations from Detroit, and as far as tonal double dating, these guys fit perfectly with their bill mates. Their throbbing, angled beats point towards less bass-oriented strains of the likes of The Birthday Party and Jesus Lizard, where their noisy and on-edge measure pulls you into a cage of perfectly dangerous and hopeless rhythms designed to aide in your own self destruction. You can checkout some of their tunes HERE, and check out Permanent Records Saturday at 8pm for the show.