BREAKING SOUNDS: Daily Void Identification Code LP

posted Friday Nov 30th, 2007

If you couldn't already tell by their wretched vibrations, The Daily Void have emerged and it's going to be a rough swallow. With the shards of previous earthly bands now behind them, a detonating permanence is now staked down in four corners and the androids inside can now drill as hard as necessary. This first, full-length testament to the naturally nihilistic stain of The Daily Void is here and you'd better put away anything breakable, as you know how these kind of explosions can go in every direction, the same way projectile vomiting works so well. Their rabidly pummeling and simple death-punk chainsaw barrage is smeared with rusty hooks that are quick to infect, and deluded by demonic incantations that connect perfectly with their apocalyptic imagery. So much in fact, that it's just a matter of time before high school kids are scribbling their lyrics all over the backs of their abnormal psych books in study hall, and carving their name in their arms.

In eleven wonderfully excruciating songs on this debut album on Deadbeat Records, The Daily Void spell out a bleak future for humanity that reaches deep into the minds of lunatics and twists their remaining shreds of sanity into a horrible vision of a scorched Earth that only produces mutations of the preferred and programmed personnel left that inhabit it. With only traces of humanly essences of early Saccharine Trust chopped irresponsibly alongside the primordial ooze of Rudimentary Peni, it's a prescription for trouble any way you look at it, and in essence, inescapable. Death comes ripping, scraping, clawing and drooling, indeed, so pick up a copy of the LP or CD right HERE right now, or grab a copy from the band at their merch table, out on their first tour starting this week (dates below). And since too much of a good thing is never really enough, pick up their brand new singles with exclusive tracks on HoZac Records (first studio recordings by Mark Freitas at Uqbar Audio) and Boom Chick Records (three extra LP session tracks recorded by Brooks Hitt in Nebraska) before it's too late, and you've officially been erased.

Dec. 01 Tampa FL w/Antique Curtains and Insect Joy (New World Brew)
Dec. 02 Mobile AL w/Antique Curtains and Hibachi Stranglers (Picklefish Pizza)
Dec. 03 New Orleans LA w/Antique Curtains (Circle Bar)
Dec. 04 Memphis TN w/ Antique Curtains, Cheap Time and The Staggs (Printers Alley)
Dec. 05 Bloomington IN w/ The Man's (???)
Dec. 06 Athens OH w/ We March (19 South)
Dec. 07 Columbus OH w/ The Feelers, Burndowns and TV Ghost (Cafe Bourbon St.)
Dec. 08 Cleveland OH w/ TV Ghost and The Burndowns (Now That's Class)
Dec. 09 Hamtramck MI w/ Tentacle Lizardo and The Mahonies (Painted Lady)

Check out a video clip of The Daily Void from the Brian Costello Show this past summer, courtesy of Kirkinson right here...